Nobody should have to deal with foot problems that stop them from living life to the fullest. My name is Cindy and, practicing since 2016, I’ve seen a lot of people walk into my clinic in pain and in discomfort.


Routine Nail Care

At Foot Fingers Podiatry, I’m able to offer routine nail care services, as well as corn and callus reduction.   more  

Nail Surgery

Everyone’s felt the pain of an ingrown toenail at least once in their life. The nail grows improperly, digging into the skin.   more  

Verruca Treatments

Often referred to, simply, as warts, Verrucas are growths on the skin that are caused by a particular strand of the HPV virus.   more  

Gait Analysis and Orthotics

Gait analysis involves an examination of the way you move and the way you walk.   more  

Fungal/ Very Thick Nail Treatments

If you suffer from fungal toenails or very thick nails that cause discomfort or pain, you’re not alone.   more  

Home Visits

My name is Cindy and I have a passion for serving those in the local community in useful and productive ways.   more